Investment Banking

CA Horizons engages in selected Investment Banking activities in the Caribbean and Central America.  Our primary services include:

Debt Refinancing

We specialize in developing deb-financing solutions for clients that are desired by financial institutions and private equity partners. Our advisors have more than a decade of experience working for major financial institutions and have been instrumental in developing credit lines and term financing for marquee green-field mixed use and hospitality development projects in the Caribbean and Central America.

Purchase & Sale

In addition to assisting international enterprises to find target companies to acquire in the Caribbean and Central America, our international network includes links to a broad base of equity investors with available capital to acquire off-shore businesses. We assist clients to effectively market their business and attract a fair market price.

Hospitality Financing

Helping owners of hospitality products is one of our core specialties. Caribbean and Central America hospitality businesses are unique and face difficult economic circumstances as consumer preferences change in response to the credit and economic uncertainty. As advisors who understand the regional market, we are well positioned to assist Caribbean and Central American hospitality companies to restructure and negotiate more reasonable terms with lenders.

Credit Restructuring

Our advisors are skilled at working with lenders to find the right solutions in distressed businesses. Often, it is the lender that holds the playing cards when a borrower defaults on its interest or principal payments, or its credit terms. As prior commercial lenders, our consultants are able to build bridges and negotiate strategic terms and conditions that gives owners the breathing room they need to manage through economic storms and return their business to financial health.