Strategy & Planning

Strategy and planning forms the foundation upon which all businesses succeed.  We help companies interested in expanding into the Caribbean and Central American markets by performing:

Country Assessments

We examine the competitive landscape of your target country for the risks of opportunities your business will face. With a detailed SWOT analysis and country assessment, your business will be able to accurately assess the risks and the opportunities of doing business in the Caribbean and Central America.

Market Research

We examine the specific competitive products and services currently available in the target country to provide you with the ability to assess how your business will stack up against local competitors. We reach for a level of detail that is meaningful for your business and to the decisions that you need make.

Business Analysis

We deliver a holistic solution by overlaying our country assessments and market research on your operating business. We review your current business, its competitive advantages, strategic positioning, operating procedures and organizational design and then examine what will and will not work in the target country to manage business, operational and financial risk. We propose solutions that will give your company the best opportunity to succeed.

Buy-Side Assets

We will identify and assist you to purchase off-shore assets or established companies that meet your requirements. Where appropriate, we will work in tandem with investment bankers and advisors to close transactions, perform due diligence, prepare financial reviews and forecasts, and build and implement strategic business plans.

Partner Sourcing

We will help you find the right off-shore partner with complementary skills, equity pockets, ground resources and a strategic network available to propel your business forward. Finding a strategic local partner is a key success factor to avoid political, business and operational conflicts. We use our broad network to identify potential partners who can help your off-shore business thrive.