R/E Acquisition Fees

We will provide you with a tailored fee estimate and contractual terms for consideration.

Our fees include a set-up fee, a monthly fee and a commission upon purchase of your off-shore real estate. In accordance with CFA Ethical and Professional Standard VI, CA Horizons will avoid conflicts of interest whenever and wherever possible, and will never collect fees from the Seller or other parties involved in your Purchase & Sale transaction (see Ethics & Standards).

Occasionally, remuneration may be available from selected third-parties such as an off-shore mortgage or credit providers. CA Horizons will always disclose in advance the sources of available third-party remuneration and will only collect such fees with your consent and in a manner that reduces your aggregate account fees.

All legal fees, closing fees, third-party advisor fees, disbursements and any related transaction fees, are for the client’s account. Third-party advisor and legal fees are billed separately and directly by the advisors you elect to engage (see Advisors’ Fees).