The Buying Process

Once you have made the decision to buy real estate in an off-shore country, we develop a detailed action plan tailored to your needs. There are many factors to consider in developing an appropriate action plan (see Risk Management). Briefly, we undertake four core steps:

Needs Assessment

We will meet with you and your family to learn about your needs and real estate preferences, and if possible, in person.

Present R/E Options

We will present various real estate options for your consideration over several months based on product availability. An appropriate time period to allocate to your search is three to fifteen months.

Where possible, video tours will be obtained to give you a dynamic feel of the living space, its surroundings and possible amenities.

We commit to working with you for as long as it takes to find the right off-shore property for you.

P & S Agreement

Once we have found the property that you want to buy, we will facilitate its purchase through either your own or one of our suggested off-shore legal representatives. We will review the Purchase & Sale Agreement with you including all terms and conditions that may be in foreign language.

Where appropriate, we will obtain supplemental information and clarifications from legal counsel and other advisors, such as tax accountants, engineers and real estate valuators, to ensure you have a complete understanding of the transaction and the true condition of the real estate being acquired.


Working in partnership with your legal counsel, we will ensure you obtain clear title and that all P&S Agreement requirements are satisfied before funds are transferred to the Seller’s legal representative.

In addition, we will ensure the property is properly secured or protected, in your absence, in accordance with your closing directions.