Why CA Horizons?

For most people, purchasing real estate outside their home country can feel daunting. Laws and legal protocols are different. Title registration rules and procedures vary and, of course, not everyone speaks English in countries such as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama. Access to accurate and trustworthy information can be suspect, and fair and impartial representation is more difficult to establish without a prior working history or relationship. This is particularly true in real estate, where many developing countries have nominal, if any, legislative protection nor professional trained and licensed real estate agents dedicated to protecting buyers and sellers.

Geographic distances and unfamiliarly with the business landscape make it more time consuming and expensive for clients to find and purchase off-shore real estate. Owning property with a view may seem more like a dream than reality; but that’s where CA Horizons makes a difference. We deliver quality real estate solutions while saving our clients time and money.

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country is more complicated and there are pitfalls; but it can be accomplished while protecting your interests and your money. CA Horizons knows how to ‘get things done’, safely and efficiently, while providing you with confidence that your off-shore property is right for you and your family.